Meatless Monday Pledge

Eating vegetarian has made me feel so much better, healthier, and happier! I'm still a hardcore foodie but now I feel great about what I eat.
The prospect of giving up meat was daunting … until I tried it! I started with Meatless Monday and eventually transitioned to a fully meat-free diet, and I was surprised by how easy it was. There are so many plant-based food options everywhere I go.
Eating is one of the most basic ways we engage with the world around us and Meatless Mondays enables me to eat in a way that protects the environment and help prevent animal cruelty! It’s the sustainable way to eat.
Reducing my consumption of meat was a lot easier than I expected, and Meatless Mondays is a great place to start! There are tons of great veg foods at grocery stores, and I still eat at the same restaurants as before. What do I eat? Veggie burgers, pasta dishes, vegetable stir-fries, roasted potatoes... so much more than just salad!